Local farm provides second chance for abused horses

It’s estimated that thousands of horses leave the U.S. every year for slaughterhouses in either Mexico or Canada. Many of those horses have been neglected and forgotten with nowhere else to go. But in Howard County, there’s a 60 acre farm where some extraordinary efforts are giving a second life to horses from around the country that might, otherwise, be on their last leg.

Convenience store donates newest member of the Baltimore Police Department

Slurpee, a four-year-old chocolate draft horse, is the newest member of the Baltimore City Police Department. Slurpee, donated by 7-Eleven, has been in training for the past few months. City Police say the horse will be part of their community relations outreach effort.

Maryland’s state sport of jousting stands the test of time

JEFFERSON, Md. — Governor Tawes named jousting the official state sport of Maryland in 1962.  Though it has faced competition from other sports like lacrosse and bowling, one group of dedicated jousters is keeping it alive by making part of…

Meet Metro, The Painting Horse

Art is subjective, and anyone can do it, including one Frederick County retired racehorse named Metro.