Maryland lawmakers push for minimum wage for inmates

Maryland inmates make as little as $0.17 per hour for voluntary prison employment and training. Del. Terri Hill, D–Baltimore and Howard, wants to raise prison wages to as close to minimum wage as possible, allowing inmates to save money while incarcerated and better equipping them to re-enter society without having to rely on their families –– or further criminal activity that could again land them behind bars –– for financial support.

Inmates Drive Workforce at Anne Arundel Food Bank

The Anne Arundel County Food and Resources Bank relies on a dozen inmates to perform the bulk of the food bank’s heavy lifting in return for time trimmed off sentences.

Inmates Help Feed the Less Fortunate

Bernie Fowler Jr., a Southern Maryland builder and farmer, is giving some pre-release inmates a second chance by helping them help needy people.

Maryland Minute Update: Nov 8, 2013

CNS Reporter Ben Oldach fills you in about a new shock trauma building in Baltimore, a push from Gov. Martin O’Malley and a story that shows how inmates are helping wounded veterans.

Incarcerated Veterans Train Dogs For Wounded Vets

Inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown are training dogs to help wounded veterans. Officers say these dogs help the inmates as much as they help the wounded veterans.