Bad news for gig workers: A crowded labor market is depressing income, census data shows

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – The “gig” economy has increased employment opportunities for thousands of Maryland residents, including high-skilled and low-skilled workers. But as the number of people jumping into gig work grows, the competition for jobs means smaller paychecks for…

Battle for Maryland’s only open House seat puts focus on Trump policies

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland – President Donald Trump wasn’t in attendance during a Tuesday debate in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, but his controversial comments and policies came up several times during the night.   That was not much of a surprise in…

Egyptian reporter’s journey from think tank to prison cell

Dangerous Reporting: A series of profiles about foreign journalists imprisoned, in hiding, or silenced by courts for reporting on the most sensitive subjects in their countries By JULIA BRYANT Capital News Service COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — Long-time national security reporter…

Maryland Representatives Respond to Netanyahu Speech

Three members of the Maryland congressional delegation agreed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the importance of the American-Israeli alliance after Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress.

Majority of Maryland Congressional Delegation Will Attend Netanyahu Speech

Amid much controversy, the majority of the Maryland congressional delegation still plans to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Afghans Must Take Responsibility for Own Country, Sen. Cardin Says in Foreign Policy Interview

Sen. Ben Cardin, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sat down with Capital News Service this week to discuss some of the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the United States.

Cardin Puts Concerns to Defense Secretary Nominee Hagel

Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel said he had a “good conversation” with Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin Wednesday, but Cardin was mum on whether the nominee allayed his concerns about past comments on Iran and Israel.