Van Hollen Praises Federal Budget Agreement as “Good Step Forward”

Congressional leaders and the White House have reached a tentative budget deal to set the federal government’s spending framework for the next two years, a move which Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee, called “a good step forward.”

Unlike 2013, food aid would stop with another government shutdown

Federal food assistance program has no reserves to hold it over in the event of a government shutdown.

Maryland Lawmakers React to John Boehner’s Surprise Resignation

Maryland representatives weigh in on House Speaker John Boehner’s impending resignation.

How sequestration will impact Maryland and national party politics

The clock ticks down for automatic spending cuts expected to have a severe impact in Maryland.

As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Van Hollen Sees Short-term Solution

Rep. Chris Van Hollen is confident that Congress can avoid falling off the “fiscal cliff” come January, but a comprehensive budget solution may still be out of reach due to campaign promises.