Juvenile reform bill to prohibit life without parole

Lawmakers are pushing for the passage of the Juvenile Restoration Act, which will prohibit the Maryland judiciary from sentencing a minor to life without parole, and allow those who have served a minimum of 20 years to petition for a sentence reduction. The bill is receiving widespread support from advocacy groups and celebrities across the county.

Hogan issues first paroles for juvenile lifers in decades

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has paroled three individuals sentenced to life in a correctional facility for crimes they committed before turning 18. This is the first instance of such a release in 24 years.

Md. juvenile agency says later school hours could curb crime

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — A significant spike in juvenile crime from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on school days has led to a push by the state’s juvenile justice agency to shift school start and finish times. The department is advocating…

Concerns persist over school system for juvenile offenders

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Various systematic issues within the Maryland’s Juvenile Services Education System have consistently interfered with students receiving instruction at the same quality as that available to pupils in state schools, according to quarterly reports from an independent monitoring unit.

Maryland Department of Juvenile Services screening initiatives across state reduce unnecessary detention

Models such as the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative and the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument aim to eliminate biases — such as race or hometown — when kids are screened for entry to the system.

Domestic Violence, Juvenile Detention and Cyber Stalking Bills at Forefront of Maryland Judiciary Committee Hearing

Domestic violence legislation led the way Friday afternoon at a Maryland House Judiciary Committee hearing that also included measures on juvenile justice and cyber stalking laws.

A Taste of Thanksgiving at a Juvenile Detention Center

Days before Thanksgiving, teens at a Rockville juvenile detention center share a turkey-and-trimmings meal with family.

Occupy Baltimore Movement Shifts Focus to Schools, Other Issues

After their forced eviction from McKeldin Square in December, the Occupy Baltimore movement is focusing on specific issues in the city, such as foreclosures and corporate power.

Some Waxter Girls to be Transferred to Eastern Shore

The move addresses complaints about comingling committed girls with detained girls at Waxter, a violation of state law