Local effort aims at tackling the problem of juvenile fire starters

Kids have long had a fascination with fire. Most learn to respect it and the damage it can cause. But, there are some who don’t and, at times, it comes with tragic results. Local experts say while it’s difficult to track the numbers, their anecdotal evidence indicates there’s an increasing number of girls involved in an activity that was once primarily associated with males.

Pastry arts program brightens futures of local kids

For kids with disabilities, a lot of things can be a challenge, whether it’s trying to fit in or trying to find a job that they’ll enjoy. One local bakery provides young adults with disabilities a sweet opportunity to brighten their future. 

Kids and music meet at National Philharmonic’s “instrument petting zoo”

Halloween likely provided a sweet treat for most kids throughout the area but recently some local kids were treated to some “sweet sounds” and a hands-on experience at a very special “petting zoo.”

Montgomery county middle school receives donation to keep students on the path to physical fitness

Newport Mill Middle School is one of three schools in Maryland to receive a $100,000 “Don’t Quit” grant from the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils. Maryland governor Larry Hogan was in attendance to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new fitness center.

Montgomery County tackles drivers passing stopped school buses

Montgomery County is stepping up its efforts to crackdown on motorists who break the law and put children at risk when their vehicles pass stopped school buses.

Kids travel to Washington with a message for President Trump

Young people from all over the East Coast joined together in front of the White House to send President Trump a message about his immigration policies. They were speaking up for families at risk of being separated because of deportation.

Kids talk: St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns and pots of gold

Kids at the Annapolis St. Patrick’s Day parade talk leprechauns – how to catch them and what to do with their gold.

Kids talk: Valentine’s Day

Kids give their thoughts on what makes for a good Valentine’s Day gift

Kids talk politics: Who should be president?

Find out how kids feel about their new president and who they think would be a fit for the job.

EPA funds pediatric asthma study at Johns Hopkins for Baltimore’s at-risk youth

Twenty percent of children in Baltimore suffer from asthma, which is more than double the national average. Lawmakers are taking the first step in clearing the air by funding a Johns Hopkins study that may bring them closer to preventing pediatric asthma.