Lead-paint bill would let Baltimore sue for past damages

The Maryland General Assembly is hearing testimony for bills that would determine the source of high lead levels in drinking water and hold accountable manufacturers of lead-based paint.

Cardin Seeks to Hike Federal Spending for Better Drinking Water

Inspired by the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Mich., Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin introduced legislation to increase spending on the country’s water systems and improve lead testing.

Lead Family

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently issued a statewide proclamation requiring all children…ages one and two…to be tested for lead paint poisoning. But for one local family, that order can just a little too late.

Lead Challenge

It’s one of those dangers that often goes unnoticed: lead exposure from chipping or peeling paint in older homes. And it’s gone on for generations. But the push is on by the state and activists to get the lead…out.

Lead Scams

Exposure to lead can be deadly. Use of lead paint was common until it was outlawed in 1978. In the years following there have been many lawsuits and many settlements and plenty of people trying to take advantage of those circumstances.

Maryland Health Officials Lower Testing Age for Lead Poisoning

State mandates that children aged one and two should undergo blood tests to detect lead levels

Toxic Toys Remain on Shelves

The holidays mean lots of toys for little ones. But sometimes those toys can be toxic.