Supreme Court hears arguments on convicted sniper’s life sentences

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday over whether “D.C. sniper” Lee Boyd Malvo’s juvenile life sentences without parole in Virginia violated the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment and thus should not stand. Malvo and his…

Supreme Court to weigh Virginia life sentences in Washington sniper case

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Wednesday over whether to uphold Virginia’s life sentences without parole imposed on Washington sniper Lee Boyd Malvo for murders and other crimes committed when he was 17. Malvo and his partner,…

Sniper Attack Players Reflect 10 Years Later

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the “Beltway sniper” shootings that left every citizen worried they could be a potential victim, and was what one reporter said was “in some ways, the scariest thing this country has seen outside of an organized terror attack.”