Maryland’s senators rip limited scope of FBI’s Kavanaugh report

WASHINGTON — Ahead of an expected vote on Saturday, Maryland’s Democratic senators on Thursday decried the FBI’s supplemental investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling it rushed and incomplete. “I think it raises more questions than it answers,” Sen. Ben Cardin,…

Surprise! The Equal Rights Amendment is back

The Equal Rights Amendment is making a surprising come-back, with a new campaign to promote its ratification in Virginia.

Maryland Co-ops Not Worried About Closing

Amidst rising concerns surrounding health co-ops shutting down in various parts of the United States, Marylanders have nothing to worry about as state co-op is going strong.

Public Hopes to Influence Cove Point Verdict

On deadline day for public comments, an environmental group will deliver 35,000 comments about the proposed liquefied natural gas facility to the Maryland Public Service Commmission.