Against backdrop of instability in Haiti, Cardin and Rubio press for more U.S. engagement

Senators Ben Cardin and Marco Rubio co-sponsored legislation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to combat corruption, crime, violence and abuse of human rights.

At Brookings talk, Van Hollen calls for “quiet diplomacy,” strategic partnerships

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Maryland, criticized what he called the Trump administration’s isolationist foreign policy and called for greater collaboration with American allies in a discussion on defense and international affairs at the Brookings Institution Thursday. Van Hollen…

Van Hollen, Rubio seek ballot protections against foreign meddling

WASHINGTON – Sens. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Marco Rubio of Florida are teaming up on a bill aimed at bolstering protections for U.S. elections against foreign interference. Van Hollen, a Democrat, and Rubio, a Republican, introduced the “Defending…

Maryland Democrats join in pressuring White House on Russia

WASHINGTON – Maryland lawmakers on Wednesday joined Democratic efforts in Congress on several fronts to hold the Trump administration accountable on its policies toward Russia and controversial dealings with that nation’s officials. House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville, introduced bipartisan…

American students abroad couldn’t escape U.S. election

LONDON — Not even the Atlantic Ocean could separate American students studying abroad in London from the 2016 presidential election. In a country with a history of sharing intelligence and having a “special relationship” with the United States, the historic…

Unable to Revive Gasping Campaign, Carson Drops Out

Dr. Ben Carson, the last presidential candidate with Maryland ties, ends his quest for the White House.

What’s In A Name: The Washington Professional Football Team

What’s in a name? A look at the Washington NFL team and the controversy surrounding its mascot.