Washington Bullpen podcast: D.C. explores how to set up marijuana sales

WASHINGTON – Marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia. The problem is, there is not yet a law setting up how it can be sold legally. Rayonna Burton-Jernigan, a reporter with the Washington Bureau of Capital News Service, explores…

State lawmakers again consider legalization of marijuana

Supporters and opponents of legislation legalizing possession of up to two ounces of recreational marijuana were back in Annapolis to make their case before a state Senate committee.

Gubernatorial Candidates Run The Gamut On Views About Marijuana

The seven major candidates vying to replace Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2015 expressed a broad range of views on marijuana decriminalization and legalization.

Law Enforcement Argues Against Marijuana Decriminalization, Legalization

Dozens of uniformed law enforcement officials showed up at the state capital to push back against advancing efforts to loosen Maryland’s marijuana laws.

Legalization Bill Would Wipe Slate Clean For Some Past Offenders

The legalization bill before Maryland lawmakers delves into an area left untouched by the laws in Colorado and Washington, where legalization has created a paradoxical scenario for people dealing with the consequences of having once been convicted of an offense that is no longer against the law.

Marijuana Legalization Hotly Debated in Maryland Senate Committee Hearing

Dozens of people testifying before Maryland lawmakers called for an end to the state’s battle against marijuana, one part of the decades-long national war on drugs that supporters of legalization say has done more harm than good.

Marijuana Debate Headed to Maryland Senate Committee

Maryland lawmakers are set to get their first real whiff of marijuana legislation this session with hearings scheduled on measures that look to lift or loosen the state’s ban on recreational use of the drug.

Lawmakers Introduce Measure to Legalize, Tax Marijuana in Maryland

The proposed Marijuana Control Act of 2014 would make it legal for Maryland residents to possess, use and grow marijuana, which would be regulated and taxed like alcohol.

Maryland Has One of the Highest Rates of Marijuana Possession Arrests

Since 2007, Maryland has been in the top five states in marijuana possession arrest rate.

Maryland Minute Update: November 20, 2013

CNS reporter Ben Oldach updates you on the latest happenings from around the state including the Baltimore “Stop and Frisk” policy, Google paying $1 million to the state of Maryland and a gubernatorial candidate who is in favor of legalizing marijuana.