Legislature passes bill to expand post-conviction relief

A bill addressing the rights of those convicted of violent crimes to challenge the conviction remained in the balance as the 2018 Maryland General Assembly session neared its end.

Bail reform supporters take their fight to the steps of the Maryland State House

arlier in the year, the Maryland Court of Appeals unanimously voted to change the standard used to determine if an individual should be required to pay a cash bail. Supporters of bail reform rallied Tuesday in Annapolis, saying Senate Bill 983 would undermine the Court of Appeals ruling.

Maryland Court of Appeals hearing for Freddie Gray Defendants

Attorneys for the state presented arguments to the state’s highest court about why Baltimore City Police Officer William Porter should be forced to testify against his fellow officers charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray.

Maryland Judge Gets Creative with Opinions

For Maryland Court of Appeals Judge Robert McDonald, a little flair goes a long way.

Pit Bull Challenge- Marylanders fight to keep their pit bulls a

BALTIMORE- Pit bull owners in Maryland are hoping for relief from either the courts or the state legislature following a ruling by Maryland’s highest court which called the dogs “inherently dangerous.” After the court ruled that landlords would be liable for any damages in the case of an attack, many landlords told their renters to move out or get rid of their dogs. Pit bull owners who rent their homes are still fighting to keep their dogs.

Md. Court Decision Making Pit Bulls Harder to Adopt

More owners are surrendering their pit bulls since the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled the dogs “inherently dangerous.”