Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania fight clean water rollback

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency revoked two regulations last month dealing with clean water and air that present conflicting positions from the Trump Administration over the role states should play in protecting their own natural resources. The first came…

Pipeline protesters take frustrations to Hogan’s doorstep

Scores of environmentalists gathered Thursday night in Annapolis to protest a “Potomac Pipeline,” citing inaction on the part of the state in properly vetting the environmental impact of a project that would transport fracked natural gas under the Potomac River.

Hogan sues EPA over neighboring power plant pollution

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced a lawsuit Wednesday against the federal Environmental Protection Agency for failing to enforce limits on air-pollution control at 19 mostly coal-fired power plants in five states upwind of Maryland. “We want…

Maryland Looks to Other States to Help Improve Air Quality

A large percentage of Maryland’s air pollution could be reduced after the Supreme Court ruled last month that the EPA has the authority to regulate emissions that cross state borders.

Acidic Chesapeake Bay Water Could Threaten Oysters

A more acidic bay could make it more difficult for mollusks, such as oysters, to build their shells through a process called calcification. But it could help crustaceans, such as blue crabs, build their shells more quickly. This could disrupt the evolutionary balance of the two because blue crabs prey on oysters.

Japanese Cars Represent Best, Worst of Maryland Auto Emissions Tests

Marylanders looking to purchase an environmentally friendly car should look east, Far East, new data shows. Japanese automakers Lexus, Subaru and Honda had the lowest failure rates on emissions tests in Maryland in 2010 and 2011, according to a Capital News Service analysis of more than 3 million test records.

Gaithersburg’s Mr. Sesma Goes to Washington

Gaithersburg had its day in Congress Friday as City Council Vice President Michael Sesma testified about the ways cities like his can act to protect the environment.

Conowingo Dam Re-Licensing Affects Chesapeake Bay

Legislators from the Eastern Shore are making sure fish passage and sediment issues that affect the Chesapeake Bay are resolved, as Exelon Power negotiates a 46-year license to continue operating the Conowingo Dam in the Susquehanna River in northern Maryland.

Low Dissolved Oxygen Main Culprit in Reported Fish Kills

Low-oxygen conditions accounted for about a third of lethal events investigated by the Maryland Department of the Environment since it began collecting fish kill data in 1984, a Capital News Service analysis found.