New Maryland law prevents drug price gouging

Maryland is the first state in the country to implement a law that prevents drug price gouging on patent and generic drugs. The law will give Marylanders greater access to essential drugs at a more affordable price.

Maryland Republican Party Scores Wins/Losses In Election

The Maryland Republican headquarters hosted a watch party during election night. Republican Kathy Szeliga addressed the media after a long day of traveling and one Trump supporter has a special way to show his loyalty.

Maryland Senate Republican candidate Kathy Szeliga says “Women bring a different perspective to the table”

CATONSVILLE – Maryland House of Delegates minority leader Kathy Szeliga, who’sĀ  running to succeed Maryland’s retiringĀ  U.S. Senator democrat Barbara Mikulski, says she wants to keep a strong female voice in the state’s congressional delegation.  

Likelihood of an all-male Maryland delegation looms over election

With Maryland senator Barbara Mikulski retiring after this session and Congressman Chris Van Hollen expected to fill her seat, Maryland is looking at an all-male delegation in the U.S. Congress for the first time in 35 years.

House Set To Vote On Budget After Republican Attempt at Changes Fails

Lawmakers voted down a Republican alternative to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget, which would have made cuts to limit spending growth to 1 percent and restored state pension fund contributions.

MD GOP- Cheers and tears for Maryland GOP on election night

LINTHICUM- Election night was an emotional roller coaster for Maryland’s republicans. The evening began with great hope for Gov. Mitt Romney and Maryland republican candidates, but ended with tears as the night came to a close. The Republicans say they’re disappointed, but not defeated, and they’re confident that another four years under Democratic rule will make Maryland swing from blue to red in 2014.

Maryland Delegates Use Social Media to Connect with Voters Back Home

Maryland delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa stayed connected with folks back home through social media; Facebook and Twitter played a bigger role than ever in documenting the convention.