Mastodon Stands Tall in New Baltimore Exhibit

A replica mastodon skeleton and an historic painting of the discovery of the animal are now on display at the Maryland Historical Society.

Three Coffins, That Bring Life to Early Maryland History, Welcomed Home

When a team of workers discovered three lead coffins dating back to the 17th century in the foundation of a long-gone chapel in St. Mary’s City, a remote historical settlement on the southern tip of Maryland and the Chesapeake’s western shore, they were in for a shock.

National Archives Takes a Look at Lessons Learned from Theft of Thousands of Historic Documents

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A forum at the National Archives about the theft of millions of dollars of historic documents, including many taken from the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore, looked at the lessons learned so future thefts can be prevented.

Photograph Reveals Details about pre-Civil War Slave in Baltimore

Up until a few weeks ago, anyone who walked by Martha Ann “Patty” Atavis’ grave in the lush Green Mount Cemetery would think that she was another well-to-do Baltimorean from centuries past. Her headstone tells viewers she was 58 when she died in 1874.