Gov. Hogan talks bipartisanship at fifth State of the State

At his fifth State of the State address, Gov. Larry Hogan on Wednesday pushed for bipartisan support from the Democrat-controlled legislature on his initiatives regarding taxes, healthcare, education, transportation, redistricting, violent crime and the environment.

The Annapolis Bullpen: Budget, taxes and your wallet

This week on the Annapolis Bullpen podcast we dive deep into the budget. We explore how Maryland’s budget works, Gov. Larry Hogan’s priorities and how are the new federal tax laws going to affect the state and you.

STATE OF THE STATE: Gov. Larry Hogan addresses Maryland General Assembly

ANNAPOLIS — Governor Hogan delivers his third state-of-the-state address saying much has been accomplished over the past couple of years but there’s more work yet to be done.

Graphic: Hogan vs. O’Malley on State of State Priorities

During Gov. Larry Hogan’s first State of the State speech this week, he spent way more time talking about the state budget and taxes than his predecessor Gov. Martin O’Malley.

O’Malley Pushes Minimum Wage Increase in his Last State of the State Address

O’Malley urged members of the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation increasing the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, telling lawmakers that a thriving middle class is the key to a thriving economy.