Days Before Election, Same-Sex Marriage Has Seen Relatively Little TV Advertising

Despite being one of the most controversial issues in America, same-sex marriage has barely made a blip on the advertising radar in Maryland. Both sides of the same-sex marriage referendum have spent less than a tenth than those battling over Maryland’s gaming referendum.

Archbishop Meets with Faith Community to Argue Against Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

Faith leaders called Maryland’s same-sex marriage referendum “misleading” and a “threat to marriage” during Wednesday’s private event.

O’Malley’s Religious Appeals Fall Flat with Some in Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Gov. Martin O’Malley defends this year’s same-sex marriage bill by arguing that it balances two of Maryland’s founding principles – religious freedom and freedom of individual conscience.

New Same-Sex Marriage Bill Provides More Religious Protections

Gov. Martin O’Malley touted increased religious protections as he promoted a new same-sex marriage bill Tuesday that supporters hope can overcome the objections raised last year.