We interviewed five of the people who run NBA Twitter accounts

NBA team Twitter accounts have tapped into the social zeitgeist in a way that sets them apart from sports franchises in other leagues. That’s not an accident.

Drone-flying Vietnamese reporter sentenced to seven years

Dangerous Reporting: A series of profiles about foreign journalists imprisoned, in hiding, or silenced by courts for reporting on the most sensitive subjects in their countries By ASIA HESTER Capital News Service COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – The last text message…

365 days of @realDonaldTrump tweets

An analysis of President Donald Trump’s tweets since his election.

Serial’s Syed Hearing Ends, Judge’s Final Decision Unknown

Sixteen years after being convicted, the subject of the popular podcast is granted a post-conviction hearing in hopes of getting a new trial.

Parents Learning to Monitor Children’s Social Media Use To Avoid Predators

Parents are learning how to monitor their children online to avoid human trafficking predators.

Turkey’s War on Journalism

Hatice Duman is the longest serving of Turkey’s many imprisoned journalists.

Covering the pope a marathon for the media

Being a journalist assigned to report on Pope Francis meant a lot of waiting time.

Transparency Between Government and Press Still Needs Improvement

Although technology enables public files to be shared and accessed on the Web easily, a panel of experts agreed Wednesday that transparency between the government and the press still requires improvement.

Despite Gains, Outdated Language Still Used by Media When Describing Mental Illness and Disability

Poor word choices still pop up in the media, especially in headlines where political correctness may be sacrificed in favor of cleverness.