Fire Fighting Volunteers and EMT’s Wanted

The National Volunteer Fire Council launched their “Make Me a Firefighter Campaign” in Washington Tuesday with the hopes of recruiting more volunteer firefighters in Maryland and across the rest of the country.

Special Bridal Sale Results from Embezzler’s Conviction

The General Services Administration and the U.S. Marshals hosted a special bridal sale near BWI airport to help raise money for a non-profit organization in D.C.

Wreaths for Fallen Soldiers

A last minute change of fortune for Wreaths Across America volunteer Kristina Seidel who was seeking sufficient donations to place Christmas wreaths on the graves at the Annapolis Veterans Cemetery. For the first time every one of the 2,996 graves will be presented a wreath on December 12th.

Prince George’s County Council Approves E-Cigarette Regulations

The Prince George’s County Council voted 8 to 1 in favor of passing a new electronic cigarette law. The law bans the use of E-Cigarettes where regular cigarettes are banned, except in casinos.

Street Smart Campaign

The end of daylight saving time brings darker days and more dangerous conditions for pedestrians using city streets. Government and law enforcement officials all across the DMV are teaming together through the Street Smart campaign to keep people safe.

Protecting Kids from Identity Theft

Lawmakers and Maryland hospitals launched their KidSafe campaign to help stop identity theft of minors.

Democratic Debate Could Be O’Malley’s Best – and Last – Campaign Shot

O’Malley doesn’t have much support from MD voters, but is looking forward to the debate

Towson Police: Education is Key to Prevent Campus Shooting

TOWSON — After the latest mass shooting at a community college in Oregon, a look at what provisions Maryland colleges have for notifying students, faculty and staff about the possibility of an active shooter on campus.

Female Kicker in Maryland

Naomi Gross is a senior football player at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and is the teams first female kicker.

Anti-gun Violence in Maryland

Approaching the two year anniversary of the Maryland Firearm Safety Act, state officials discuss the next steps in keeping Marylanders safe.