‘Wrong’ Md. crime data highlights inconsistent statistics

A reporting inaccuracy from a Maryland county police department has revealed broader examples of inconsistent crime data, from the FBI to the Maryland State Police to local jurisdictions.

Md. police use DNA tool to identify the dead, find suspects

A recently developed DNA tool has already led to a murder charge in Maryland. Police think it will be useful in investigations to come.

Md. lawmakers want to increase sanctions for murder-for-hire

Maryland prosecutors will be able to go after the crime of solicitation to murder – no matter how long after the act, and for a felony – if a bipartisan bill passes.

Bill could make blocking a four-way intersection illegal

Vehicles that enter an intersection but fail to cross it once the light turns red would be subject to a ticket and fine under a “don’t block the box” bill sponsored by Delegate Al Carr, D-Montgomery.

Sniper Attack Players Reflect 10 Years Later

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the “Beltway sniper” shootings that left every citizen worried they could be a potential victim, and was what one reporter said was “in some ways, the scariest thing this country has seen outside of an organized terror attack.”