Moviegoers don’t see best picture nominees anymore

Best picture nominees don’t perform well at the box office anymore, but people do still go to see good movies

As ‘House of Cards’ filming nears end, Maryland pushes to be entertainment contender

ANNAPOLIS— Eduardo Sanchez is sleeping in his own bed for once. He’s taking a short break from work, but the majority of his time over the course of the next few months will be spent in Dallas, where the filmmaker…

Washington’s Awesome Con celebrates ‘geek culture’

Awesome Con, Washington, D.C.’s version of the popular Comic Con, celebrated all things fantasy, science fiction, comics, gaming, movies, toys, games and more.

Baltimore is a popular site for Oscar-nominated movies filmed in Maryland

Maryland has served as a filming site for Oscar-nominated movies since the 1940s. Movies filmed in Maryland have a combined 42 Oscar nominations and 6 wins, with Baltimore being the most popular filming site.

Talking Pop Culture Ep. 3 Let’s talk Disney

In honor of the new “Beauty and the Beast”, Rachel and Quanny talk Disney, past, present and future!

Talking Pop Culture Ep. 1 Valentine’s Day

Rachel and Quanny talk about Valentine’s Day, and the TV/movie industry of today and yesteryear.

Oh, the horror! A data driven analysis of our favorite horror movies

A data driven analysis of our favorite horror movies.

Bill Would Increase Maryland Film Production Tax Incentives

A bill would increase the amount of income tax credits to productions like Netflix’ “House of Cards” and HBO’s “Veep.”