Ellicott City: Historic Town, Historic Water – Podcast Episode Seven

Episode Seven: Belling the cat (Run time: 31:10) Synopsis: We have a conversation with hydrologist Jason Elliott of NOAA about rain conditions preceding a flash flood. We also speak with Howard County’s director of emergency management, Ryan Miller, about emergency…

Ellicott City rainfall is predictably unpredictable

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland —  Ellicott City, Maryland, sustained two cataclysmic flash floods in the span of 22 months, the first in July 2016, the other in May.    “Although the two events are considered abnormal weather phenomena, the fact remains that…

As hurricane threatens East Coast, federal officials insist they are ready

WASHINGTON – After facing criticism for its response during the 2017 hurricane season, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said Tuesday it is partnering with the private sector to create a more efficient recovery process in anticipation of Hurricane Florence.…

Amid Storms, Hurricane, Maryland Prepares for Flooding

Though Gov. Larry Hogan canceled the state of emergency in eight counties, Maryland is still preparing for heavy rain and flooding.

Far Western Maryland Suffers From Sandy

As all eyes were turned to the coast after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc there, Garrett County suffered from the storm’s aftermath quietly without attention until Thursday when the governor came to town.

October Snowfall NOT a Sign of What’s to Come

An unusual October snowfall in the Washington metropolitan area left residents wondering if they would be buried in more snow than in recent years.

University of Maryland Police Defend Tornado Warnings

University of Maryland police defended their decision on Friday to send out three urgent alerts that a tornado could hit the campus within minutes.