COVID on Campus: Student experiences in quarantine

In 2020, COVID-19 spread across the country and impacted all ways of life. College life significantly changed in the United States due to the coronavirus, changing higher education and social life. We talked to students across the U.S. about their experiences in quarantine during their Fall 2020 term. Explore the map in the video to hear their stories.

NewsBIN Creatives Podcast: Sebrina Phan on Being a Tattoo Artist

CNS NewsBIN Reporter Mimi Luzader talks to tattoo artist Sebrina Phan about her art, becoming a tattoo artist and how her parents reacted when she told them her career plans.

NewsBIN Creatives Podcast: James Michael on Theater Directing

CNS NewsBIN Reporter Hannah Greenberg talks to theater director and teacher James Michael about teaching, acting and staying safe during the shelter in place.

NewsBIN Creatives Podcast: Onlyxne on Music Production

CNS NewsBIN reporter Andi Wenck talks to music producer Onlyxne about his career, fame and music during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NewsBIN Creatives Podcast: Chrystee Pharris on Acting

CNS NewsBIN reporter Jaimee Dee talks to actor Chrystee Pharris about her career, social media and acting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your phone as a way to view the flood [A simulation]

Ellicott City, Maryland — This video is an experimental look at what it would have been like to experience the flood. Instead of putting the viewer in a resident’s shoes, we put the viewer in the resident’s phone.

Rebuilding Ellicott City [360 video in 3D]

ELLICOTT CITY, Maryland—An immersive journey through the flooding, aftermath and reconstruction of Ellicott City, Maryland. Shot on an Insta360 Pro, CNS producer Aaron Rosa created graphics overlaid on 3-D aftermath footage to give a new perspective to the damage done…