Two solar flares erupt causing electric disruptions on Earth

BOULDER, Co. – Two solar flares erupted on March 28 causing disruptions to electric communications as well as the viewing of the Northern Lights. Space scientist Robert Steenburgh describes the significance of this event and insight on what’s to come…

Maryland is seeing an increase in precipitation, sea level and flooding

The Capital News Service Digital Bureau analyzed data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, finding an increase of precipitation in the state of Maryland over the last two decades.

Preparedness is key to mitigating upcoming hurricane damage, experts say

WASHINGTON – Effective hurricane forecasts, greener construction practices and individual preparedness are keys to mitigating hurricane damage in the coming years, according to experts. In a press conference at the National Press Club Tuesday, Gerry Bell, a climate change specialist…

Ellicott City: Historic Town, Historic Water – Podcast Episode Seven

Episode Seven: Belling the cat (Run time: 31:10) Synopsis: We have a conversation with hydrologist Jason Elliott of NOAA about rain conditions preceding a flash flood. We also speak with Howard County’s director of emergency management, Ryan Miller, about emergency…

NOAA releases prediction for the upcoming winter

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that this winter will be pretty standard. It could be wetter than normal, meaning rain and snow, thanks to El Niño.

Trump administration dives into fish fight with conservationists

WASHINGTON – An unprecedented Trump administration decision over the summer that overruled an interstate fishing commission has drawn the ire of critics who worry that keeping a healthy and viable supply of flounder in the Atlantic Ocean is being sacrificed…

State slashes oyster restoration acreage goal

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The state of Maryland has decided to reduce the large-scale oyster restoration project goal in the Little Choptank River after boaters ran aground at another sanctuary and some of the man-made reefs there had to be rebuilt.…

NOAA research center opens up to public for first time

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Center for Climate and Weather Prediction threw its doors open to the public for the first time this past weekend. The open house celebrated the center’s fifth anniversary and was a chance for experts to educate and inspire the public. 

Underwater Maryland canyon could see new protections

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Less than 60 miles off the coast of Maryland, the ocean is peppered with bubblegum corals and mahi mahi in the Baltimore Canyon — one of 70 similar formations in the Atlantic created by ancient rivers. The…

Questions Loom Over Effects of State’s Oyster Recovery Efforts on Watermen’s Bottom Lines

While the state seeds the beds, are oystermen missing out?