Maryland looks to revise youth shackling policies

Maryland legislators and juvenile justice advocates are reviewing the state’s policy for placing children in mechanical restraints and studying other states’ laws to form a best practice

Facing uncertainty, Maryland Muslims to focus on education

ANNAPOLIS — In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Ahmad Azzaari couldn’t walk to his mailbox without feeling unsafe. The imam, a Muslim prayer leader, lives on a busy road in Lanham, Maryland. To collect his mail,…

State Highway Administration gears up for the winter ahead

After last year’s winter storm, Jonas, dumped more than 30 inches of snow across the state of Maryland, the State Highway Administration knew that they needed to update their snow plow technology. Take a look at the new snow clearing technology that will help keep roadways clear for Maryland commuters.

Springbrook High School students learn civics from judges and lawyers

Springbrook High School students got the chance to learn from judges and lawyers as a part of the Civics and Law Academy. The program is a partnership of the Maryland Judiciary, Maryland State Bar Association, Citizenship and Law-Related Education Program, the Montgomery County Bar Association and Montgomery County Public Schools.

Higher wages: Reagan National Airport workers fight for $15

More than 400 contracted workers at Reagan National Airport marched to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority to deliver their petition for a higher wage. The goal, is $15 per hour or a possible strike could occur during the holiday travel season.

At-risk immigrant students thrive in Langley Park soccer program

Langley Park is known as the heart of the Latino immigrant community in Prince George’s county. One local program is helping immigrant, refugee, and students seeking asylum adjust to life in the U.S. through a sport that resonates around the world.

From history to haunted: Past events, lore can become today’s ghost stories

Sites of unfortunate accidents can turn into lore as tales are passed down through communities becoming modern ghost stories.

‘Roots’ revived: Haley’s nephew talks records and remake

The novel-turned-popular Emmy-nominated miniseries “Roots” is in production for a remake, scheduled to air in 2016. Chris Haley, nephew of the “Roots” author, talks about his work as director of the study of legacy of slavery at the Maryland State Archives.

Youth Hockey Players and Body Checking May Not Be a Match, Some Say

The technique has been found to increase the likelihood of concussions in youth hockey.

Win-At-All-Costs Mentality: A Sports Culture in Need of Reform?

As concussion awareness grows, some sports leagues are finding ways to improve safety for athletes. Yet a lingering problem remains: The culture behind sports often pressures athletes to ignore injuries and to “tough out” what can be a life-threatening blow.