Fresh Beets pop-up tackles food access in West Baltimore one bag at a time

West Baltimore resident-led advocacy group No Boundaries Coalition blends nutritional awareness with music and produce at low-cost into one event, tackling one of the community’s biggest issues – access to healthy food.

Baltimore Teams with Farmers to Help City Employees, Poor

BALTIMORE – It’s a rainy Thursday afternoon in the Abel Wolman Municipal Building downtown and boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables are being carted up to the conference room by a local farmer. Baltimore City employees line up, plastic and…

Gourmet Hamburgers a Hit in Prince George’s, But Nutrition a Concern for Some

Hamburger lovers craving something bigger, juicier and more artistically done than fast food fare are being spoiled for options as the gourmet hamburger comes to Prince George’s County, though a local nutritionist warns about the impact on public health.

Maryland Schoolchildren May Get Calorie Counts for Lunch Items

More Maryland students may get to see the numbers behind nutrition, if legislation passes requiring public schools to post the calorie content of food items served.