And the most competitive Oscar year goes to…

CNS examined the ratings of every movie ever nominated for the best picture Oscar to determine what movies face especially adverse odds to win the coveted prize.

Moviegoers don’t see best picture nominees anymore

Best picture nominees don’t perform well at the box office anymore, but people do still go to see good movies

Baltimore is a popular site for Oscar-nominated movies filmed in Maryland

Maryland has served as a filming site for Oscar-nominated movies since the 1940s. Movies filmed in Maryland have a combined 42 Oscar nominations and 6 wins, with Baltimore being the most popular filming site.

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Will ‘Hidden Figures’ win first PG best picture Oscar in decades?

The Academy’s taste in Oscar-winning films has changed over the past 57 years. Present-day Oscar-winning films are more likely to have a PG-13 or R-rating than any other decade. Can “Hidden Figures” break that pattern?

Maryland’s Black History: Taraji P. Henson

February is #BlackHistoryMonth and many influential African-Americans have called Maryland home. Meet Taraji P. Henson, a Hollywood actress who’s role in “Hidden Figures” helped earn the film an Oscar nomination.

Black history at the Oscars

Throughout the years, African-American artists have made history at the Oscars. In honor of Black History Month and Sunday’s Academy Awards, this graphic represents a timeline of the African-American actors, songwriters, directors and producers who were the first to win in their respective categories.