Anthony Brown urges Pentagon to root out extremism in ranks

The Maryland Democrat, a retired colonel in the Army Reserve, criticized the Biden administration for opposing his amendment to a defense spending plan that would enable the secretary of defense to remove service members involved in extremist groups.

9/11: Maryland fire department marks horrific day and long effort to memorialize it

The Kensington Volunteer Fire Department’s memorial honors the lives lost and the firefighters dispatched to the Pentagon in 2001. The scrap of metal collected from Ground Zero “captures the scarred twisting fire hell of the inferno of that day,” according to Steven R. Semler, former KVFD president.

Officials warn Pentagon cuts could force closing of Bethesda military medical university

WASHINGTON- The military’s medical school in Bethesda, Maryland, has been targeted by the Defense Department for significant budget cuts that could force the closure of the university, officials say. As a part of a Pentagon-wide review of “time, money, and…

Van Hollen and Graham seek sanctions against Turkey for attack on Kurds

WASHINGTON — Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham intend to press next week for the passage of a bipartisan bill that would impose severe sanctions on Turkey for its attack on Kurdish forces in Syria…

Cardin introduces legislation banning military parades and exhibitions

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin has introduced a bill that would prevent the allocation of federal funds toward any kind of military parade or exhibition in the nation’s capital.

Blimp Escape Prompts New Scrutiny by Congress

A giant balloon — dubbed the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System — or JLENS for short — broke free from its mooring station at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground on Oct. 28.

Sept. 11 Memories: Zoe Would Have Been 18

Zoe Falkenberg would have been 18 this year. Her parents would have taken her and her younger sister, Dana, to Australia in September 2001. They would have returned to Maryland to grow up.