Young people, like those at Hogan’s New Hampshire visit, may be key 2020 targets

GOFFSTOWN, New Hampshire – As Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan weighs whether to mount a primary challenge to Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president in 2020, he might want to look to young voters to boost his chances. Among…

Montgomery County’s Indian immigrants feel the pull of politics

WASHINGTON – When Aruna Miller was a child, the discussions at her kitchen table almost never had to do with politics. As part of an immigrant family, “the conversation more revolved around how to try and assimilate yourself into the…

Maryland’s changing faces often are from other countries

SILVER SPRING, Maryland – Christina Getrich has lived in Maryland for most of her life and has witnessed the state’s changing demographics over time. A large number of Salvadoran immigrants began settling in Montgomery County when she was younger, said…

Income Inequality Resonates as an Issue Among Democratic Voters

With one of the richest counties in the country and one of the poorest cities, Marylanders stand to be affected by presidential candidates’ plans for minimum wages, funding, and economic opportunities.

Maryland Democrats Want Congress to Speak Out on Backlashes Against Muslims

A House resolution would send the message to lawmakers that anti-Muslim legislation would not be welcomed by Congress.

Protesters Take to the Web to Address NSA Surveillance Concerns

More than 4,500 groups and websites have signed up online to take part in Tuesday’s protest against U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs. Organizers of “The Day We Fight Back” include social media giants and an array of conservative and liberal groups.

No Religion- The UMD campus reacts to a new study on religion

COLLEGE PARK- Students and religious leaders on the College Park campus of the University of Maryland react to a new Pew Form report that found the number of Americans opting not to identify with any religion is at an all-time high.

Candidates’ Religious Appeals May be Losing Sway with Voters

The 2012 presidential candidates are discussing their religiosity like never before, and an increasing number of voters don’t seem to like it.