P.G. County Police resist release of misconduct records, despite law change

The Prince George’s County Police Department has refused to disclose police misconduct records, despite a new state law that was intended, according to its sponsor, to open such records to the public and the media.

Pedestrian casualties mount in Maryland town as officials defer action

At least 138 pedestrians have been struck by vehicles in the past eight years on a lethal two-mile stretch of state highway that runs through this low-income immigrant community in the Washington suburbs. Eight have died.

ANIMAL WELFARE: Animal rights supporters turn out for Annapolis Humane Lobby Day

Supporters of animal rights from all over the state descended on the state capital to take part in Humane Lobby day. Their goal: to give animals, like man’s best friends, a voice.

Siblings meet Prince George’s firefighter 58 years after he saved their lives

Hyattsville, MD– 58 years after a house fire almost took the lives of toddler siblings Michael and Linda Hart they are reunited with their rescuer, retired PG Firefighter Edwin Stuart “Stu” Newman. Jr.

At Some P.G. County Metro Stations, Majority of Nighttime Riders are Below Poverty Line

Metro leaders are considering cutting late night operating hours that could disproportionately affect people below the poverty line.

Dog Dancing Turns into a Blast of Fun

One local woman takes her decades of dance experience and translates it into a class for a unique sport featuring man’s best friend.

Teens Free to Have Fun and be Loud…At a Library

The Bowie Branch Library in Prince George’s County recently opened a new “Teen Zone” creating a safe place for students to do anything they want…and be as loud as they want.

Crews work to repair potholes in Prince George’s County

The cold weather, snow and sleet have caused a number of potholes in the PG county to expand.

New PG County Teacher Evaluations Use Student Feedback

For the first time, Prince George’s County is using student feedback to evaluate teacher performance.

Capitol Heights Gets Rid of Long-time Neighborhood Eyesore

For over a decade, city and county officials had stood by as people started fires, dumped trash, and committed crimes on the vacant 10-acre Chapel Wood Apartments property.