Kneeling Ravens protests draw fire and defenders

BALTIMORE- Over the past two weeks, the Baltimore Ravens have received lots of criticism from fans and some public officials for kneeling during the national anthem before the Sept. 24th game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and kneeling and praying before…

Falcons and Patriots to test NFL-best turnover rates in Super Bowl

HOUSTON — One of Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn’s favorite football statistics is turnover margin. It’s not reliant on only offensive and defensive successes or lapses, the second-year leader said. Instead, it combines the production to create a comprehensive idea…

Washington’s Recent Trend of NFL Prime-time Futility Continues

The burgundy and gold lost another prime-time game last Thursday, but how do they fare against the rest of the league when the lights shine brightest?

Ravens’ Independent Neurologist Represents a Changing NFL

Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, concussion expert and the independent neurological consultant for the Baltimore Ravens, has seen a change in NFL players’ attitudes.

Thousands of Maryland High School Student-Athletes Get Concussion Test

This fall, 10,250 student-athletes have had baseline concussion testing in Montgomery County, continuing a trend of school systems in Maryland taking youth concussions more seriously.