Washington Bullpen podcast: “I had to stand up” – Politics and sports in the nation’s capital

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland — Ray Schoenke remembers driving through the night from Cleveland to Maryland to make it in time for the practice for Washington’s NFL team in the morning. It was 1966, and he had just been cut from the…

Nationals prep for the playoffs with a spirited rally

The Nationals faced the Cubs Friday night in game one of the National League Division Series playoffs. Earlier in the week the team sponsored a haunted fan rally at the ballpark to scare up support for a winning series.

Nats Fans Give Team Good Luck… Literally

The Nationals have not advanced past the NLDS since 1981 — when they were still the Expos. This year, they’re looking to the fans for a bit of good luck. In return, fans had the chance to win playoff tickets.

Nationals hope for Murphy’s return because he has put up astounding stats

WASHINGTON – In a year in which 2015 MVP Bryce Harper has struggled, second baseman Daniel Murphy has proved indispensable to the Washington Nationals with his newfound power. Now Washington must hope Murphy’s recent buttocks strain can heal in time…

Injury-Plagued Wizards Finish Out Season

Eliminated from playoffs, Wizards seek to finish strong in last game

Wizards Running Out of Time to Secure Playoff Berth

With 11 games remaining, The Washington Wizards are running out of time to secure a playoff berth after Wednesday’s loss to Atlanta.

Washington Leads the NFC East at 5-6???

At 5-6, Washington leads the NFC East. A Monday Night showdown against arch-rival Dallas looming large on the horizon.

Local company, Nightmare Graphics, hired to make Orioles apparel

Columbia, Md- One local Howard County graphics design company is partnering with Majestic graphics to make a majority of the Orioles postseason apparel. CNS TV’s Taylor Cairns went to Nightmare Graphics to find out what makes this homegrown business so…

Washington Nationals: The “Second” Home Team

Only those old enough to remember the Washington Senators, or young enough to be born in this century, can truly say they grew up on Washington baseball.

Washington and Baltimore have winning baseball together for first time since ’69

Until this year, Washington and Baltimore haven’t had winning baseball teams in the same season since 1969. The Orioles would finish 109-53 and lose in the World Series, while the Senators finished 86-76, failing to make the playoffs.