Small-time Maryland Poker Leagues Don’t Fold in the Face of Big Casinos

Small-time poker games — like the weekly one at Columbia’s Second Chance Saloon which is played for points, not cash — are thriving in Maryland despite the emergence of high-stakes poker rooms across the state.

Maryland Poker Pros Enjoy High Stakes Poker Room Close to Home

The new poker room at Maryland Live, one of the East Coast’s largest, is allowing more local poker pros to find high-stakes games close to home, contributing to the development of a strong poker scene in the state.

Guns and Poker, a Surefire Bet

Guns and poker. For some, the two may conjure images of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday peering from under long brimmed hats, brows furrowed and sweating, eyes perusing their cards and the fidgety faces of their opponents.