Law Enforcement Museum honors police lost on 9/11 in special exhibit

The 72 law enforcement officers who were among the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks are being honored at a new, 2,000-square-foot exhibit at the National Law Enforcement Museum.

The Baltimore Police Department is working to prevent department misconduct

Baltimore, MD- The Baltimore Police Department has implemented a new program called “EPIC,” which works to prevent police misconduct, mistakes, and rebuild the relationship with the community.

Legislation for control of the Baltimore Police moves to the House

Included a police-reform legislative package is SB0786, which would transfer control of the Baltimore Police Department from the state to the city for the first time in almost 160 years.

New bill would change police procedure during traffic stops

A bill in the Maryland General Assembly would change procedure during a traffic or other stop to ensure that officers explicitly state certain rights, and aims to prevent police from using deceptive or coercive measures to obtain information.

Bills seek to limit implicit bias in Maryland judicial system

A pair of bills designed to limit implicit bias by stakeholders in the judicial system in Maryland was introduced at the state’s General Assembly.

Police, lawmaker differ over potential Maryland school officer restrictions

School resource officers in Maryland may soon only enter schools under an emergency — a plan the bill sponsor says will help minority students feel more comfortable, but police say presents safety concerns.

Protecting the mental health of Maryland police officers

Maryland legislators are reintroducing a bill from the 2020 legislative session, which focuses on providing confidential mental health aid for police officers dealing with the stresses of the job.

Maryland looks into statewide mandate on police body cameras

Lawmakers are pushing for a statewide mandate requiring every police department in Maryland to equip officers with body cameras, however the cost for equipment and maintenance of the footage may be the biggest challenge.

D.C. artist converts old police and fire call boxes to art to celebrate women

Old police and fire call boxes are being put to use in Downtown D.C. The outdated boxes are relatively known for modern-day public art, but CNS-TV’s Lauren Moses tells us how a local artist decided to use it as a chance to celebrate women —who made history in the city.

One man dead after officer-involved shooting in Hyattsville

One man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Hyattsville. CNS-TV’s Cam Hasbrouck was there, and reports on the incident.