Will Pope Francis inspire more young men to become priests?

On the heels of Pope Francis’s visit to the United States, one Baltimore seminarian reflects on his inspiration to enter the priesthood.

Push for inclusive Catholic special education grows in Maryland

Catholic Coalition for Special Education supports inclusive classrooms in 26 schools

‘Popedelphia’: An on-the-street recap of the pope’s visit

During an interview on a flight from Philadelphia to Rome, Pope Francis recounted the “three different kinds of welcome” during his tour of the United States, describing Philadelphia as “very expressive.” Here’s a look at the city during the pope’s last day in the U.S.

Large Crowds Keep Many Out of Pope’s Visit

Unfortunately, not everyone who tried to see the pope succeeded.

Pope’s speech to Congress draws thousands to Capitol

Hundreds of invited guests took to the West Lawn at the Capitol to watch the Pope address the members of Congress via Jumbotron.

Pope Visits Local Church As He Wraps Up His Visit to Washington

Final stop for Pope Francis on the Washington leg of his U.S. visit was St. Patrick’s Church and the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington where a few lucky members of the church got the chance to be in the same room with the visiting Pope.

Covering the pope a marathon for the media

Being a journalist assigned to report on Pope Francis meant a lot of waiting time.

Pope’s visit Sparks Maryland Congregations to Push for Climate Legislation

More than 80 congregations throughout the state are standing behind a multi-faith effort to spread climate change awareness and improve Maryland environmental policy.

Selling Faith and Buttons

Visitors to the National Mall look to souvenir vendors to capture their experience. And for those visiting Washington in the hopes of seeing Pope Francis could find plenty to take back home as reminders of their visit and the Pope’s trip to America.

Pope’s Speech to Congress Brings Hundreds To the National Mall

Visitors from across the country gathered at the National Mall on Thursday to hear Pope Francis’ unprecedented address to a joint session of Congress.