At Baltimore’s port, Biden touts ‘once-in-a-generation’ infrastructure investments

The Baltimore facility, which Biden called “one of the best ports in the country,” is set to benefit from the infrastructure legislation passed by the House on Friday.

With holidays ahead, small businesses struggle with supply chain disruptions

The pandemic forced many factories overseas to shut down, dramatically reducing production. There are also shortages of ships, containers and truck drivers.

Trump China trade policies could hurt Baltimore and region, analysts say

WASHINGTON – If new Trump administration policies trigger a trade war with China, the port of Baltimore and Maryland could see revenue and job losses, according to analysts. “Obviously China is a key trading partner. We do a lot of…

Talk of Restrictions Watched Closely in Trade-Busy Maryland

State and Port of Baltimore benefit heavily from international trade.

Tax Reform and Green Energy Take Forefront in Candidates’ Economic Platforms

From shrinking the corporate income tax to creating a chicken-litter-to-fuel facility, Maryland’s candidates for governor have strikingly different plans to make the state a better place to do business.

The Last of Its Kind: Domino Sugar Perseveres in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Domino Sugar has outlasted the Inner Harbor’s other manufacturers because of its location, its willingness to invest and innovate, and because of the federal government’s sugar program.

Coast Guard to Close Potomac, Anacostia Rivers for President’s Speech

The Potomac and Anacostia rivers of the District of Columbia will be closed to all water traffic for eight hours Tuesday evening as a security measure for President Obama’s State of the Union speech, the Coast Guard announced Wednesday.