Maryland’s early and mail-in votes outpace 2016

Mail-in vote totals are around 500% higher than in 2016, and early vote numbers are up as well. That likely will not affect who Maryland picks for president this year.

The Washington Bullpen: A look at the Mueller report

WASHINGTON – In this episode of “The Washington Bullpen,” host Kate Casey examines Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was released Thursday.

Top 7 political stories from 2016

This year was characterized by months of nonstop political news and the CNS staff worked hard to cover all of it—from the political conventions to election day.

Southern Poverty Law Center reports ‘outbreak’ of hate acts following election

According to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, nearly 900 hate incidents have been reported across the U.S. in the 10 days following the presidential election. The national civil rights advocacy group is calling on President-elect Trump to forcefully denounce all acts of hate and bigotry.

These post-election tweets are giving us life

Americans—and Twitter users—are handling the results of Tuesday’s election in different ways. Some are using the platform to spreading message of hope, solidarity and humor.

Early voters in Maryland share their experiences on Twitter

Early voting in Maryland for the 2016 presidential election began Thursday. Marylanders shared their early voting experience on social media.

Disabled Voters March from Baltimore to DC to encourage voter turnout

LAUREL, Md. – A group of disabled voters of the group, ADAPT, hit the road from Baltimore to DC to encourage those in and out of the disabled community to vote in the upcoming general election.

Candidate mask sales could predict the next president

Costume retailer Spirit Halloween has accurately predicted the presidential election winner based on Halloween mask sales for two decades. And this year, there’s a spooky prediction for Hillary Clinton.

Next Year’s Election For Mikulski’s Seat Is A Potential ‘Land Rush’

Politicians across the state are gearing up to run for Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat after her retirement announcement

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Visit Maryland in Bid to Recruit Businesses

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will hold private meetings with businesses in Maryland on Wednesday in bid to convince them to move to the Lone Star State.