Safety procedures, video monitoring increase in Maryland public schools

Maryland’s public school systems are continuing to ramp up student safety plans — from bus cameras to active shooter drills. Plans include continuing to install security cameras in the hallways and entryways of schools, and putting the most up-to-date school safety training into action.

Success, failure, mourning at close of Md. General Assembly

It was a bittersweet and busy day for Maryland legislators as they pushed to get their bills through both House and Senate chambers on Sine Die, the final day of the General Assembly on Monday.

Cardin cruises to third term in Senate

GREENBELT, Maryland — For the 52nd consecutive year, Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin has been elected to hold public office. Cardin was elected to a third term in the United States Senate Tuesday, capturing the lion’s share of the vote on…

As hurricane threatens East Coast, federal officials insist they are ready

WASHINGTON – After facing criticism for its response during the 2017 hurricane season, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said Tuesday it is partnering with the private sector to create a more efficient recovery process in anticipation of Hurricane Florence.…

Maryland researchers are testing drones for public safety use

Researchers from the University of Maryland Unmanned Aircraft System Test Site are looking into the public safety uses for drones. After simulating a medical delivery across the Chesapeake Bay this summer, the researchers tested a drone that drops a life vest at a safety conference in Laurel.

Laws on drunken driving, public safety, workers’ rights, begin in Maryland

Oct. 1 is the day many pieces of legislation go into effect in the state. Noah’s Law is probably the most well-known, but there are many others.

Ride-hailing Services Raise Questions About Safety

After a Michigan Uber driver’s deadly killing spree in February, local incidents, less severe incidents shine a light on how confusing the ride-booking industry is.

Campus Guns: House considers a weapons ban on Maryland college campuses

Maryland lawmakers consider legislation banning guns and other weapons on public college campuses around the state.

The Process of Purchasing a Handgun in Maryland

Three months after turning 21 I decided it was time to purchase my first handgun. The process includes four forms, a background check, and ballistic fingerprinting done by the Maryland State Police.

Baltimore program provides job support for ex-prisoners coming home

At Jericho, a Baltimore City-based program that helps former prisoners get jobs, counselors start with the basics — how to dress for an interview, write a resume and prepare for interviews.