‘#MeToo’ movement could buoy success for Maryland bills

A bill that would end parental rights of rapists passed both houses of the Maryland General Assembly on Tuesday — among the most visible initiatives in Annapolis echoing a cultural shift in attitudes nationwide toward sexual assault and women’s rights.

Legislation may remove parental rights in sex assault cases

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Legislation in the Maryland General Assembly would enable a court to revoke parental rights of an individual who has been found to have sexually assaulted the other parent, if the court finds that it is in the child’s best interest to remove the parental rights.

National quilting project gives voice to sexual assault victims

BALTIMORE–Survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence from all over the country are sending quilt squares to Baltimore to send a powerful message.

Revoking Parental Rights In Cases of Sexual Assault

Maryland lawmakers are now considering whether someone who has either been convicted or suspected of sexual assault or rape should be denied access to a child resulting from the alleged offense.

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