Despite tight landfill space, mattress recycling bill failed

“End-of-life” mattresses and box springs are often discarded in landfills or illegally dumped — this remains an issue for Maryland’s environmental waste management goals and the state’s landfill lifespan.

Critics see toothpaste boxes as threat to environment

WASHINGTON – Why do toothpaste companies package their product in boxes when it already comes in a tube? American consumers last year bought 423.5 million units of leading toothpaste brands like Colgate, Sensodyne and Crest, according to Statista, and all…

Legislative roundup: Oyster recycling; tobacco; female inmate health services

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The Maryland Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a bill that would further incentivize oyster shell recycling. “This bill continues to promote a very viable shell recovery program that’s been in existence for five years,” said Sen. Stephen…

Baltimore Compost Company Partners with Starbucks

EarthBrew Compost founder Eric Steiner collects used coffee grounds from local Starbucks to make compost, cutting back on waste and preserving natural resources.

Lawmakers Seek Tighter Regulations On Cash-For-Phone Kiosks

A number of mall kiosks throughout the state offer instant cash for recycling old phones; some say it’s too alluring for phone thieves to pass up.

Maryland Lab Artificially Grows Oysters For Bay

One Maryland lab is using science to artificially create, feed and grow oyster larvae — no bigger than a grain of sand — in order to help restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Oyster Shell Recycling Program Faces Problems

Shell collection delays and confusion over tax incentives have recently caused setbacks in the region’s oyster shell recycling campaign, which has recently taken on new ownership.

Ban Bottled Water? Not So Fast, Maryland College Administrators Say

As the nation becomes more environmentally aware, some anti-bottled water groups are convincing colleges and universities to halt bottled water sales in favor of reusable, eco-friendly alternatives. The idea is catching on across the country, but many Maryland college sustainability officials aren’t sure it’s a good idea.