Baltimore says goodbye to a beloved leader, friend at Morgan State University tribute

BALTIMORE – Marking the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings last week, community leaders, elected officials and friends gathered together Wednesday night to honor the former congressman at Morgan State University, where Cummings served as a member of the Board of…

Critics hit Trump administration over information backlog, delays

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration came under fire Wednesday from congressional critics who said agencies were unnecessarily delaying or blocking release of public information about the government. “The Trump administration should be operating with a presumption of openness — as…

Maryland congressional Democrats seek to shore up election security before midterms

WASHINGTON – All nine of Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers in Congress have asked Republican Gov. Larry Hogan to allocate the money needed to get federal aid to improve the state’s election system infrastructure and security. “With the 2018 midterm elections fast…

Zuckerberg says government regulation of social media “inevitable”

WASHINGTON – After deflecting questions about the issue in the Senate the previous day, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told a House panel Wednesday that government regulation of social media is “inevitable.” But he told the House Energy and Commerce Committee…

Despite Sunshine Week, critics say secrecy plagues Trump administration

WASHINGTON – It may be National Sunshine Week, but critics and the government’s own reports show that President Donald Trump’s administration is operating a lot in the shadows. Seventy-eight percent of the 823,222 FOIA requests processed during the first year…

In Congress, only one Maryland lawmaker gets NRA money

WASHINGTON — As congressional gun talks ramp up, advocates for stronger safety laws have called for their representatives to stop accepting campaign finance donations from the National Rifle Association. The gun rights advocacy group has given $263,818 to candidates in…

Wait Times for VA Medical Appointments in Maryland Are Under Review

Veterans Affairs clinics and hospitals in Maryland are taking a closer look at how long patients are waiting to be seen for their appointments, after an investigation released by the Associated Press on April 8.

Edwards’ Entrance Stirs Waters in Maryland Senate Race

Rep. Donna Edwards’ entrance into the Maryland Senate race signals the start of a potentially bruising primary season as Edwards and Rep. Chris Van Hollen begin the fight for endorsements and money.

Van Hollen to Run for Senate

Rep. Chris Van Hollen told supporters in an email Wednesday that he would be running to fill retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat in 2016.

Maryland Representatives Respond to Netanyahu Speech

Three members of the Maryland congressional delegation agreed with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the importance of the American-Israeli alliance after Netanyahu’s address to a joint meeting of Congress.