Hogan issues first paroles for juvenile lifers in decades

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has paroled three individuals sentenced to life in a correctional facility for crimes they committed before turning 18. This is the first instance of such a release in 24 years.

Unclaimed property list includes state agencies, famous Marylanders

The state is holding unclaimed property belonging to universities and a medical center, Treasurer Nancy Kopp, Carmelo Anthony, Ray Rice, Kirk Bloodsworth and other famous Marylanders.

Van Hollen to Run for Senate

Rep. Chris Van Hollen told supporters in an email Wednesday that he would be running to fill retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat in 2016.

Larry Hogan Sworn In as 62nd Governor of Maryland, Faces Challenging Term

Amid a flurry of snowflakes, security officers and supporters, real estate company owner Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. rested his hand on a bible and swore to serve Maryland to the best of his ability, becoming the 62nd governor of Maryland.

Fusion Centers’ Collection of Local and State Data Worries Civil Libertarians, Others

Critics of fusion centers say they often violate Americans’ privacy, waste taxpayer dollars, and have demonstrated little success catching terrorists.

Maryland Politicians Land Softly at High-Powered Law Firms

Corporate law firms provide a safe, well-compensated landing pad for many outgoing Maryland politicians looking for a new gig.