Maryland lawmaker wants state funding eliminated for artificial turf fields and playgrounds

Montgomery County Senator Roger Manno is sponsoring legislation that would end state funding for artificial turf surfaces around Maryland. Manno says there is sufficient concern about possible health risks associated with artificial turf that the state has a responsibility to do something about it.

Maryland has a budget problem — but no one can agree on why

Despite Maryland’s apparent prosperity, the state has a perennial budget problem.

Md. lawmakers announce anti-voucher proposals

As the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, a group of Maryland lawmakers gathered in Annapolis Tuesday afternoon to introduce a package of five legislative priorities regarding education.

Dating Violence May Become a Bullying Issue in Md. Schools

In the wake of recent incidents that gained national attention, Maryland is considering legislation that would put dating in the same category as bullying, harassment and intimidation in public schools.