Libertarianism Attracting College Students, Others, Looking for Political Alternative

Libertarianism is becoming especially popular among younger voters, many of whom are tired of the stalemate between Republicans and Democrats in Washington, as evidenced by the 16-day government shutdown.

With Republican Primary Race Undecided, Maryland Finally Matters

The Republican presidential primary has become a dog fight for delegates to the August convention, putting Maryland in an unfamiliar situation — it actually matters.

Feds Target Maryland Buyers of Raw Milk

The feds have cut off a supply of raw milk for Maryland residents from Pennsylvania. The move outraged some Marylanders who are forced to go out of state for raw milk because Maryland is one of 25 states in which sales for human consumption are illegal.

Political Hopefuls Look to Reddit for Campaign Momentum

Facebook and Twitter are a must for any political candidate. But only a handful of digitally-savvy candidates have tapped into Reddit, a less well-known social network, to raise money and attract publicity to their campaigns.