Attorney General’s Report on Same-Sex Marriage Calls Bans Hateful

State bans on same-sex marriage are founded on “hate, prejudice, ignorance, fear or moral disapproval,” according to a report released Thursday by Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

Same-Sex Marriage: One Year Later

With the passage of Question 6 a little over a year ago, gay marriage was legalized in Maryland. But what is the state of gay marriage now?

State Marriage Law Patchwork Puts Maryland Same-Sex Couples at Risk

The recognition of same-sex marriage in Maryland sheds light on the checkerboard of marriage laws across the nation, which poses a threat to the legal parentage for married couples that leave their state lines.

Gay Couples Travel to Maryland For Weddings

When Maryland became the southernmost state on the East Coast to legalize gay marriage, it became a destination-wedding location for some same-sex couples.

Demonstrators Optimistic that Supreme Court Will Repeal DOMA

Chants calling for equality rang out across the front steps of the Supreme Court Wednesday, as marriage equality supporters gathered to wave American flags and carry colorful signs while the court inside heard a challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Binational Same-Sex Couples Still Seek Immigration Equality

Maryland’s same-sex couples may have won the right to marry on Election Day, but binational couples continue to fight to have their unions recognized.

Different Factors Within African-American Communities Shaped Votes on Question 6

African-American communities in Maryland helped to pass same-sex marriage in November, despite many predicting they would vote against the measure.

Group of Catholics Petitions Bishops, Urges Less Political Involvement and More Work With the Poor

Handful of Christians delivered 25,000 signatures to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Tuesday morning, protesting political involvement and what they say is a lack of focus on the poor.

Maryland Couple Invites the Internet to Their Same-Sex Wedding

Two weeks before the election, Elkridge resident Chris Riley took to Reddit to invite anyone who voted for the same-sex marriage referendum to his wedding ceremony in Maryland.

Maryland Voters Approve Same-Sex Marriage in Historic Vote

The same-sex marriage referendum in Maryland was too close to call late Tuesday night, though supporters held a slight edge of 51-49 with more than half the votes still to be counted.