Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay defenders hold breath, wait on Senate

WASHINGTON — If the Senate does not restore a deep, House-passed cut in federal funding to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chesapeake Bay Program, the ripple effect on Maryland conservation efforts could be far larger than what the state would lose…

Seven Things We Learned From Barbara Mikulski’s Email Exchanges With Hillary Clinton

She called Hillary Clinton ‘fit n sparkly.’

Federal Priorities Discussed in Annapolis

Governor Larry Hogan hosted Maryland’s Congressional delegation at the State House to discuss federal priorities for 2015.

Edwards’ Entrance Stirs Waters in Maryland Senate Race

Rep. Donna Edwards’ entrance into the Maryland Senate race signals the start of a potentially bruising primary season as Edwards and Rep. Chris Van Hollen begin the fight for endorsements and money.

Maryland’s Women’s Caucus Welcomes First Male Legislators

For the first time in its 43 year history, the Women Legislators of Maryland Caucus has male legislators seated around the table.

Van Hollen to Run for Senate

Rep. Chris Van Hollen told supporters in an email Wednesday that he would be running to fill retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat in 2016.

Next Year’s Election For Mikulski’s Seat Is A Potential ‘Land Rush’

Politicians across the state are gearing up to run for Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s seat after her retirement announcement

Defense Companies Target Maryland Members of Congress

The defense industry contributes generously to the state’s congressional delegation because Maryland is a leading recipient of federal defense contracts and houses more than a dozen defense contractors with operations in the state.

Mikulski Calls for Kill Switches on Cell Phones to Protect Consumers’ Data

Sen. Barbara Mikulski supports a bill requiring cell phones to have a kill switch allowing victims of theft to deactivate the devices from a website.

Officials Boost Maryland Cybersecurity Center

State and federal officials signed an agreement to expand the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, which aims to create solutions to cybersecurity issues for corporations, consumers and other entities.