Environmental human rights legislation met with support, activists rally

Activists in Maryland gathered at the State House Friday to rally in support of environmental legislation that would amend the state’s constitution to declare a healthy and sustainable environment as a fundamental right for all citizens.

Cardin and Van Hollen aim for net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050

WASHINGTON — A bill aimed at achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by no later than 2050 has been introduced by Maryland Democratic Sens. Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen. The United States produced 16% of the…

Trump moves cast cloud over climate change work in Maryland

WASHINGTON – Maryland state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency have worked to restore the Chesapeake Bay and combat climate change over the past eight years, but uncertainty surrounds the future of these policies as a new administration enters the…

Metro Works to Improve Carbon Footprint

As it struggles with issues ranging from passenger safety to aging infrastructure to cash flow, Metro is rolling out a new sustainability agenda designed to reduce its carbon footprint and soften its environmental impact.

Van Hollen Bill Would Promote Cleaner Environment, Provide Grants to Citizens

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Kensington, has reintroduced legislation designed to curb pollution by reducing carbon emissions while providing grants to Americans to offset higher energy costs.

Maryland Looks to Other States to Help Improve Air Quality

A large percentage of Maryland’s air pollution could be reduced after the Supreme Court ruled last month that the EPA has the authority to regulate emissions that cross state borders.

Mills, Environmentalists Debate Energy Subsidies For Black Liquor

Environmentalists will seek to free up state funds for renewable energy resources by excluding “black liquor” from the list of renewable energy sources eligible for state subsidies, after an effort to do so failed this year.