Maryland bill addresses questions about state hiring policy

Concerns about a possible hiring-policy change at the Maryland Department of Health involving Gov. Larry Hogan’s appointments office prompted legislation that would add more oversight to enforce laws enacted by the state more than a decade ago.

Maryland Lawmakers, Governor End Session With Mixed Priorities

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed 121 bills into law Tuesday morning.

Maryland Legislature Passes State Budget, But Some Spending Uncertainty Remains

The Maryland General Assembly passed the state’s $40.7 billion budget.

Maryland State Budget Unanimously Passes Through Senate

Senate members started wildly applauding, cheering and whistling as the 46-0 vote lit up the board, marking the official passage of the state budget through the chamber.

State Employees Learn Details of Controversial New State Wellness Program

It was standing room only–with many being turned away–when state employees turned out in College Park to learn the details about a controversial new state wellness program.