Democrats in Congress pressure Biden to address student loan debt crisis

Democrats in the House and the Senate have introduced bills that call upon President Biden to forgive student loan debt, which they argue is widening the racial and gender wage gaps and exacerbating the economic problems already worsened by the pandemic.

State commission offers help to those trying to pay off student loans

The state’s Financial Education Commission voted to endorse legislation to safeguard students from defaulting on their student loans.

Growing Number of Maryland High School Students Earning College Course Credit

More high school students in Maryland are earning college credit through Dual Enrollment courses within their high schools and local community colleges.

Caret Aims To Maintain Tuition Affordability, He Tells Lawmakers In Annapolis

Getting students to graduate in four years also a focus for university system chancellor.

MD Congressman Calls Attention to Streamlined Student Loan Tracker

An easier, more intuitive method of tracking student debt information was unveiled by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Towson.