Lawmakers look to repeal state’s ‘archaic’ sex laws

Maryland lawmakers hope to repeal “archaic” provisions in the state’s spousal defense for sex crimes and sodomy laws with the reintroduction of legislation this session.

Senate committee hears testimony on regulations for shotguns and rifles

A survivor and widow of last summer’s deadly attack on the Annapolis Capital-Gazette were among those testifying before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Wednesday in favor of a bill that would place new regulations on the sale of shotguns and rifles. NRA and 2A Maryland representatives argued against the proposed change saying long guns have not been a significant source of crime weapons in the state.

Cybersecurity: New Council Meets to Discuss Cybersecurity Efforts

The Maryland Cybersecurity Council starts to develop their plan of attack to keep the state and its citizens safe from data breaches.

Cybersecurity council begins work to curb risks to utilities, agencies in Maryland

In its first meeting, the group, with stakeholders from the public and private sectors, outlined goals to minimize cyber risks.